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10+ Years of personal training experience 


Personal training was not a natural progression for me...

I have always been very much an introverted individual. But one thing that always has given me that spark to life is being active and playing sports.


From a very young age I had always been interested in exercise, I would always aim to do 20 press ups and 40 sit ups every night (as strange as that sounds). So as you can imagine once I could go to a gym, I fell in love with training instantly.


Not only did I love the exercise but as I saw changes to my physique, going to the gym helped improve my self confidence massively and I will be always grateful for this. I slowly started to gain knowledge around nutrition and how that impacts your shape and the deeper I got into the topic, I soon realised that I wanted to help others learn and achieve the same. So I became a qualified personal trainer in 2012 and haven't looked back. 

Over the years I have coached a range of clientele, from the general gym goer looking to get fit to body transformation clients. I absolutely love seeing clients progress not only in terms of physical results but also increases in self confidence and a better relationship with exercise. I have also taken my own fitness goals further and competed in multiple bodybuilding competitions with my best placing being an overall win in a Natural Men's Classic Physique competition.

Winding forwards to today as of 2021 I decided to go and go my own venture to opening up a private personal training studio. My aim with the studio was of course to continue training clients but also provide a service for those who are not confident with going to the gym and create a space that is welcoming and a space that we can build and establish higher confidence with exercise.  I also decided to launch my online coaching service, which is aimed to work with individuals who want to achieve insane body transformations.


Anyway, enough rambling from me. If you feel like I would be the right fit for you and your fitness goals, feel free to head over to my enquiry page.  

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