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The Truth About Six Packs.

Everyone has a great six pack. In todays post, I will help you understand the key things ingredients you need in order to reveal them.

A lot of the time when we start to exercise more our goals are to have that flat toned stomach or 'six pack.' We start googling, researching exercises that work the abs and we start creating our own crazy ab routines with endless amounts of reps and variations of crunches.

Although it maybe beneficial working the abs directly it is unnecessary to be performing a circus of ab exercises in order to achieve the goal of a six pack.

So what actually are the key ingredients or things we need to focus on to get defined abs or a flat stomach?

- You NEED to have low enough body fat to actually reveal those six pack abs. Everyone has abdominals, you simply need a low enough body fat in order to reveal them. However this doesn’t mean you shouldnt be working them.

- Are abs really made in the kitchen? Yes. In order to reveal the abs as said before we need to have a low body fat %. So we need to make sure we are within a calorie deficit to decrease our body fat % over time. A calorie deficit is any drop in the amount of calories consumed in comparison to the amount of calories needed to maintain your current body weight. A deficit can be created by reducing consumption of calories (lower food intake) or simply by exercising more (increasing calorie expenditure). This may mean more time prepping meals full of those healthy greens and lean proteins and getting down the gym!


- You still should train your abs. Abdominal training is extremely beneficial, not only can you slightly build upon your abs (this is very slightly) and build a tighter mid-section, you will also build a stronger core.  A stronger core will help with a reduction of lower back pain, your core actually helps support your lower back in order to keep you upright. If your core is weak, you will find your lower back may start to ache due to the lack of core stability/strength it's providing you with. A stronger core will mean stronger compound lifts. As mentioned, your core helps protect and stabilise your lower back, so whilst performing big lifts such as the deadlift, squat and bench press you will be able lift slightly more weight as your core will help stabilise and keep your body strong throughout the exercise. There fore the stronger the core, the better the lifts.

However when training your abs, you don’t need to be doing some crazy circus act...focus on engaging the abs through simple exercises such as - A plank, exercise ball crunches & leg raises. However remember that training your abs doesn't mean that they will start to show more or that you will be spot reducing fat in order to reveal them. In order to lose the body fat to show abdominal definition you need to sustain a calorie deficit (as mentioned previously).  

Check out my youtube video showing you what my own current Ab routine looks like. I hope you enjoy! 

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